Thomson Reuters Advanced Analytics for Deal Making

Access analytical tools and world class content via a single Thomson Reuters tab within Microsoft Office®


  • One-stop shop
  • Analytical & presentation tools
  • World class content
  • Increased productivity

Intended for

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Investment Banking Analyst


Thomson Reuters Advanced Analytics is the next evolution of analytical and presentation tools that are shaping the way Investment Bankers work.

It improves efficiency at every step, from screening and targeting, to comparables analysis, building league tables, valuing a company and developing a client pitch book. Advanced Analytics lets users undertake all these crucial tasks without having to leave Microsoft Office®. You can also access our industry leading content sets easily to support your analysis. With Advanced Analytics you can spend less time gathering information, and more time analyzing it.


  • Analyze deal trends using market leading Bond, Equity, Loans and M&A content. Deals content, league tables and volume trends are all available in Excel®. Generate league tables that can be added into a spreadsheet as a formula so you can easily refresh them
  • Analyze precedent transactions – bring your results straight into Excel® as formulas that can then be easily refreshed from your spreadsheets
  • Screen Bond, Equity, Loans and M&A deals and companies through our scatter plotting tools and build comparables and target lists
  • Access to the latest News sources, Filings, Significant Developments and Embargoed Research in Excel® to annotate price charts
  • Link tables, charts and text from Excel® to other Microsoft Office® applications to easily create presentations or other documents. All links are instantly refreshable at the click of a button so you can seamlessly update figures and graphics across your workflow
  • Format tables, charts and text in your company’s brand compliant colors.


  • Saves time
  • Efficient
  • All done in Microsoft Office

Thomson Reuters Advanced Analytics for Deal Making demo video
Thomson Reuters Advanced Analyics for Deal Making Overview Video

Watch the tools of the trade including an analytics and content summary, company overview features, click-through functionality, interactive filtering, league table builder, and linking capabilities.

Thomson Reuters analytical tools, delivered as Add-Ins to Microsoft Office®, include:

  • Valuation/Modeling
  • Screening/Comps
  • League Table Builder
  • Linking/Presentation Tools for Pitch Books

You will also have access to Thomson Reuters world-class content sets, including:

  • After Market Research
  • Estimates/Street Events
  • Deals
  • Ownership
  • Private Equity
  • Financials
  • Credit Analysis

The Advanced Analytics package includes Thomson ONE, powered by Smart Client technology, providing an enhanced desktop application.

Note: With Advanced Analytics, you also get automatic access to

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