Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

The industry-leader offering solutions for legal professionals in Spain.


  • 400 professionals at 7 offices
  • A leading company - legal sector
  • Wide solutions offering
  • It covers the professional's work

Intended for

  • Lawyer
  • Legal Researcher


Thomson Reuters Aranzadi offers solutions for financial firms, customers and IT management. Solutions focused on legal practice include legal information services, legal research tools, plus tools that facilitate mobility, as well as management solutions aimed at talent through a wide range of online courses.

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Customizes and manages information

Service integrated with intelligent search

Support tool for professionals in litigation

Provides arguments for rival claims

Captures and cultivates loyalty and helps to position

It helps to get and retain customers and to be effective

Web Standard

A standard web with no access limits


Access to courses and video tutorials for registered users


CNS: Drupal

Technical structure

Web server apache, reverse proxy apache, MySQL database
  • Wide range of global solutions distributed in five categories: Legal Practice, Firm Management, Talent Management, Financial Management, Management Customers and IT Management
  • Thomson Reuters Spain has a wide range of solutions for professionals that allows  them to cover all their work process  
  • We offer financial solutions (Checkpoint), Firm Management (Aranzadi Infolex Jurisoft Aranzadi Lawyers and Data Protection), Customer Relationship Management (Aranzadi web development) or IT Management (Aranzadi web development), as well as those focused on legal practice.  

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