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Autex Block Data ranks brokers based on trading activity by volume or by value traded in selected stocks, markets or industries, or by user-defined custom portfolios. You can view detailed trading activity of each broker in the Autex community. Broker Dealers can post trade advertisements detailing key information including the size, market, direction, and unit price. They can also post advertised trades to market their trading activity and solicit client interest.

Buy-side institutions use Advertised Trades alongside Pre-trade Indications of Interest to gauge the strength of each broker's offering.

The system automatically ranks each firm based on the previous day's advertised trades.

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Comprehensive Data Base

More than 130,000 equity securities, including convertibles, featuring approximately 4,000 Listed (NYSE, AMEX), 35,000 NASDAQ/ OTC, 86,000 International Ordinaries, 3,500 American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), 300 Coupon Convertible Bonds, 50 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds, 200 Convertible Preferred Stocks, 100 Mandatory Convertibles, and 500 Warrants.
This is the only service of its kind that provides statistics for trading activity over most equity exchanges.

Multiple Reports To Meet Your Needs

  • Security Report – ranks the most active brokers for any security, over any time period
  • Broker Summary Report – provides security-by-security trading activity for a specific broker in a given market, sector or geography
  • Portfolio – ranks the most active brokers for your customized portfolio of stocks
  • Industry Report – shows a firm’s trading activity as well as its rank amongst competitors within a custom-defined sector, country, index or portfolio
  • Market/Country Report – the top brokers in a given market or country
  • Top Stocks Report – the top securities traded in a given market, sector, country or portfolio

Promote your ranking

Brokers can promote their firm's trading prowess in specific securities, industries or markets

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