Thomson Reuters Batch Processing

Locate or review a large number of people, phone numbers, businesses or filings at once with confidence.


  • Saves time
  • Easy-to-consume format
  • Fast and easy file submission
  • Predictable pricing

Intended for

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Risk Manager
  • Investigator


Batch processing allows you to upload large amounts of information to search Thomson Reuters premium public records and live gateway data, returning matched information in an easy to export file.

West Batch offers pinpointed accuracy in the data you are searching and provides access to results from people, businesses, adverse filings, assets and sanctions data sets.

CLEAR Phone Batch is a reverse phone lookup that includes real-time information.

CLEAR Person Batch searches multiple sources,  as well as various credit headers, return addresses, phone numbers, AKA, date of birth, driver’s license and death information.

To find out more, visit the CLEAR website.



High-volume searching

You’ll receive the information you need without having to run scores of separate searches

Enhanced security that includes file encryption and submission via our secure sites

Knowledge that your data will not be misused

Access to premium public and proprietary records

You can trust the results

Simple search setup

Makes file submission quick and easy

Predictable, per-input pricing

You won’t overspend your budget

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