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Tax, accounting and finance professionals rely on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, the revolutionary, easily-searchable online system, to get straight to their answers. Checkpoint blends cutting-edge technology, editorial insight, time-saving productivity tools, online learning and news updates with intelligent linking to related content and software.

Thousands of tax and accounting professionals rely on Checkpoint every day to understand complex information, make informed decisions and use knowledge more efficiently.

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Exclusive trackers.

Use Bill Tracker to easily see if there is pending legislation pertaining to your search topic, or Citation Tracker to be notified when a document is cited by a new Federal tax case or IRS Ruling/Release.

Unique Create-a-Charts.

Get immediate access to the most up-to-date tax and accounting information through interactive comparison charts featuring links to the controlling authority and detailed explanation paragraphs.

Efficient search tools.

Dig deeper into your search with Search Within Results, or schedule searches you may need to run again in the future.

Easily share your document.

Print, copy, export or e-mail your entire document or just selected text.

Split screen viewing.

Toggle between the results of your search, or the Table of Contents, while keeping your document visible on the main screen.

Intuitive search.

Search by Citation, Keyword, Index or Table of Contents: all of these search methods are on one screen for easy access, and word search results are filtered by your subscribed databases.

Table of contents.

Use a traditional book format, or go to the Table of Contents to search specific areas to localize your results even further.

Checkpoint tax research demo
Tax Research on Checkpoint

Everything you could need or want for your tax research is right here.

Checkpoint SEC/GAAP demo
SEC/GAAP on Checkpoint

And everything you could need or want for SEC/GAAP is here.

See additional demos here.

Checkpoint on your smartphone demo
Checkpoint on your Smartphone

Follow along step-by-step to see why our mobile-device enabled site is so smart.

Checkpoint Tools
Checkpoint Tools

Featuring our renowned PPC Practice Aids and PPC SMART Practice Aids, these tools are just what you need to speed up your tax and accounting processes.

Examples of some of our Checkpoint libraries include:

Component Name


Federal Tax Coordinator Library

Provides extensive analysis of federal laws, plus updates of primary source materials.

U.S. Tax Reporter

Organized by Code section number and document type for instant access to the information you need.

Citator 2nd

Provides a quick and thorough citation check of all AFTR 2d, TC Memo and TC cases and IRS rulings.

State & Local Tax Library

Helps tax experts and tax novices react quickly to global events affecting their tax situation or the tax circumstances of their company.

International Tax Library

A comprehensive online solution that simplifies import/export research, planning, and compliance.

Import/Export Compliance Library

Comprehensive resource for the international trade professional looking for a cost effective online tool for import/export research, planning and compliance.  Resources include HTSUS, CBP rulings, CBP and EAR regulations, US trade agreements, US trade case law, Boskage publications, and more.

Pension & Benefits Expert

Includes basic coverage such as IRC, ERISA, and other laws, as well as DOL, PBGC, and other regulations by topic, as well as full text of case law, court materials from 1924 to present, and exclusive analysis in all important areas.

SEC Compliance Expert Library

Gives you all the tools you need to make your research and filing process faster, more efficient, and more thorough than ever before.

GAAP Compliance Library

Gives the user access to comprehensive analysis of GAAP requirements, as well as real-time access to SEC filings and company financial fundamentals.

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