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  • Over 190,000 clinical trials
  • Drug, biomarker and device trials
  • Filtering for precision medicine
  • Best in class web portal

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Cortellis™ Clinical Trials Intelligence is the most powerful resource to accelerate clinical trial development decisions and portfolio strategy. Expertly curated clinical trials information is skillfully integrated with other scientific and competitive intelligence from Thomson Reuters. So you can make the most informed decision to direct your clinical strategies.

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Trusted Global Intelligence

Find fast answers to critical questions in the right context - with contextual enrichment of clinical trials information through links to other scientific and competitive intelligence from Thomson Reuters:
  • Over 190,000 U.S. and global biomarker, device biologic and drug trials from thousands of sources. All indications including rare diseases.
  • More than 200,000 press releases indexed to clinical trial types or events. 2.25 million drug development articles.
  • Over 21,000 meetings abstracts and 8,000 conference reports. Optional transcripts of biomedical and medicinal chemistry industry analyst and investor meetings.
  • Medically trained researchers to assist verifying clinical trial information found in Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence.

Best-In-Class Technology

  • Powerful indexing with enhanced searching and filtering options to retrieve and analyze information by drug class, technology, disease therapy, and more.
  • Robust exporting capability.
  • Customizable views and alerting options.

Dynamic Analytic Tools

  • View distribution of indication, intervention, sponsor, phase, recruitment status, country design, and active control.
  • Fast insight into trial timelines  including a longitudinal view of trial start dates, insights on trial duration trends, and expected, actual, or projected end dates for a given indication, company, or individual drug.
  • Save visualizations in PowerPoint so findings can be easily updated and shared with key stakeholders.
  • Our team of experts can customize analytics and reporting to meet your unique business challenges.

Flexible Access & Integration

  • Access all clinical, competitive and scientific content from the iPad compatible Cortellis web portal.
  • Integrate content into other applications and  platforms in real-time through a suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  • Incorporate your proprietary content and custom annotations  through our Integration Solutions.

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Accelerate your strategic decision making with the industry's most powerful resource of clinical trials.


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