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  • Over 2.5 million transactions
  • Deep commitment to data integrity

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A global leader in investment banking transaction data, featuring 40 years of New Issues and M&A Deal coverage.

Thomson Reuters Deals data allow you to monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning within any region, asset class or industry vertical at highly flexible levels of granularity. Our industry leading League Table rankings of investment banks and law firms published by dozens of leading media outlets worldwide, leverage our global news and sourcing capabilities along with our strong relationships with the deal making community to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Visit the Deal Making Intelligence site where you can read and subscribe to FREE industry leading analytics on Deals, Private Equity and Ownership data or view information about our Thomson Reuters on Demand service, where you can purchase customized one-off reports and analytics from our industry-standard content sets.


  • The most comprehensive deals database in the marketplace.
  • Analyze business trends – stay one step ahead of the competition. View the competitive landscape, with insightful data from Thomson Reuters league tables enabling you to assess your position versus your peers by region, deal type or sector.
  • With coverage across M&A, equity, debt, syndicated loans, municipals, project finance, joint ventures and debt restructuring, Thomson Reuters provides comprehensive, one-stop insight into the global dealmaking community.
  • Thomson Reuters offers Deals products meeting all needs in the dealmaking workflow, including business strategy and resource planning, aggregate trend-spotting, news, league table rankings, company information and granular deal-level analysis.


  • Conduct global deal analytics and market volume analysis against well over 2.5 transactions announced in 225 nations since the 1970s.
  • Stay current on deal trends and new structures using thousands of granular Deals data points.
  • Benchmark your firm’s performance against competitors via up-to-the minute generation of standard and custom league tables covering the financial and legal advisory community.
  • Analyze one asset class in depth or view aggregate statistics across transaction types.
  • Combine insights gleaned from Deals information with other globally consistent reference data content offered by Thomson Reuters – including Research, News, Filings, Fundamentals & Estimates, Ownership, Private Equity, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Officers & Directors, among many others.

Thomson Reuters Advanced Analytics

Improves efficiency at every step, from screening and targeting, to comparables analysis, building League Tables, valuing a company and developing a client pitch book offering access to Deals content alongside Thomson Reuters reference databases, including Fundamentals, Estimates and Research, all in Microsoft Office®. Spend less time gathering information.

ThomsonONE.com™ Investment Banking

Access crucial information on companies, industries & events. Go behind the headlines to uncover the market drivers & new opportunities. Tailored to suit your exact business requirements and you only pay for the services you want.

Thomson Reuters Deals Business Intelligence

An analysis and reporting tool that turns deals data into actionable strategic business planning information. Designed for strategy and business planning groups, Deals Business Intelligence integrates volume data with investment banking fee content, allowing for cross-asset-class business planning and trend analysis.

SDC Platinum™

SDC Platinum™ is the industry standard workflow tool for the information professional, offering complete access to thousands of data points across all 2.5 million transactions covered by Thomson Reuters, including Bond and Equity New Issues, M&A, Syndicated Loans, Private Equity, Project Finance, Poison Pills and more.

Deals Feeds
Choose from several standardized FTP feeds delivered on a daily basis covering M&A, Bonds, Equity, Syndicated Loans and US Municipals or create customized FTP deliverables from among thousands of available data items across Deals asset classes.

Spanning over 2.5 million transactions announced since the 1970s, Thomson Reuters Deals content covers the global M&A and Capital Markets New Issues marketplace:
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: over 877,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to the present; including 275,000+ US-target and 602,000+ non-US-target transactions.
  • Debt Capital Markets: approximately 738,000 bond deals, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues.
  • Equity Capital Markets: approximately 233,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, and convertible bonds.
  • Syndicated Loans: over 224,000 global corporate loan transactions.
  • Public Financings: 511,000 US municipal new issues and more than 8,400 Canadian and international public financings.
  • Project Finance: approximately 8,200 worldwide projects announced and financed on a limited or non-recourse basis.
  • Joint Ventures and Repurchases: over 135,000 worldwide joint ventures and strategic alliances; over 18,700 US repurchase programs.
  • Corporate Governance: Takeover defense profiles of over 9,000 global public companies, including details of over 11,700 shareholder rights plan adoptions and amendments. Detailed histories of over 2,200 dissident shareholder campaigns, including proxy fights and public shareholder proposals, with emphasis on campaigns launched by the 100 most prominent activists.
  • The nine firms retained by Nuveen Investments and its owners break the record for all-time number of sell-side advisors for a US company

    1d 3 0

  • TIAA-CREF's $6.25bln deal for Nuveen Investments is the largest US asset management deal since BlackRock acquired BGI for $13.3bln in 2009

    1d 12 5

  • Venture Capital Funds Raised $8.9 billion During First Quarter for Strongest Fundraising Quarter Since 2007 tmsnrt.rs/1nmAf7p

    1d 3 2

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