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Every business day, Thomson Reuters Drug News selects the latest, most important drug discovery and development news, places it in context, and presents it online and as email alerts in a clear, concise format that makes it easy to discover the important facts at a glance.

Drug News contains an archive of news covering drug R&D since 1996, with chemical structure images.

To find out more, visit us on the Thomson Reuters Drug News website.


  • Search quickly on all sources, limiting the search to the period of time, drug name, patent number, company, university, institute, therapeutic category or group, type of compound, or information source relevant to your research.
  • Drug News contains an archive of news covering drug R&D since 1996, with chemical structure images.
  • News in Context: Brief reports prepared from extensive sources
  • Conference Highlights: News from main congresses around the world
  • The Starting Line: An alerting service presenting a table, updated weekly, of the most promising compounds entering pre-clinical development, lead compounds and new mechanisms of action
  • Pipeline on the Move: A weekly alerting service presenting changes detected in the status of drugs currently under active development
  • Once you’ve located the item of interest, you can link seamlessly to corresponding records in Thomson Reuters Integrity.


  • News is selected for importance and relevance
  • More than 25 late-breaking news items posted every business day
  • Practical and accurate information, including chemical structure images
  • The latest advances from more than 300 congresses each year

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