Elektron Real Time

High performance local access to global markets


  • Significantly improved latency
  • Broader and deeper coverage
  • Greater flexibility and precision
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Intended for

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Market Data Manager
  • Trading Architect


Elektron Real Time is a low-latency consolidated feed that provides coverage of thousands of exchanges and OTC traded markets – delivering full-tick, depth-of-market data.
It improves the accuracy, breadth and depth of content that Thomson Reuters delivers, and provides a step change in latency based on a truly distributed global architecture.
The new feed infrastructure is built on a unified and extensible data model, making it easier to on-board content and integrate it into downstream applications. Backward compatibility ensures support for legacy protocols. You can choose your preferred last-mile connectivity to optimize your communications costs.

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Lower-Latency Delivery

Higher performance. A truly distributed global architecture enables in-region collection and distribution of data, supported by data centers in the world’s key financial Centers. Our binary-encoded, bandwidth-optimized wire protocol reduces message sizes by up to 50%, and is much more efficient to process.

Greater Flexibility and Precision

Our completely extensible Open Message Model (OMM) supports more complex and varied data types; this includes bespoke trade status indicators, full depth-of-market order-book data or even exchange timestamps with millisecond precision.

Broader and Deeper Coverage

Elektron Real Time delivers market-by-price full depth of book for global venues. The extensible nature of OMM also makes it easier and quicker for Thomson Reuters to on-board new content, both from exchanges and other sources.

Easier to Integrate

In our data model, all message fields that are common across source feeds have consistent field identifiers, so it’s easy for you to integrate Elektron Real Time content into your workflow applications. Backward compatibility with legacy data models ensures ease of migration.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A single-access device accommodates global content, so you can consolidate your data services and minimize connectivity costs with a complete choice of last-mile connectivity options.

High-value global content

Real-time coverage of thousands of exchanges and OTC traded markets, along with award-winning news and analytics

Next-generation software design

Unified, logical data model; Efficient bandwidth optimized binary transport protocol; Fully thread aware

Truly distributed global architecture enabling local turnaround

Points of Presence in New York, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney (more to follow)

Full choice of last-mile connectivity options

Thomson Reuters Managed Connectivity (TRMC) and Customer Managed Connectivity (CMC)

Resiliency and service management

Real-time alerting capabilities and expert service personnel to provide rapid response to technical queries

Inside Market Data Awards 2014: Best Low-Latency Data/Technology Vendor

Best Low-Latency Data/Technology Vendor by Inside Market Data

For the eighth year in a row we have been awarded Best Low Latency Data Vendor by Inside Market Data.

Waters Rankings 2013 - Best Low Latency Provider

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