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If you participate in the energy markets, you need reliable, up-to-date information you can work with immediately and manipulate easily. Acquiring this across many different sources, time zones and formats is time-consuming. Dealing with multiple data suppliers can be costly.

Thomson Reuters PointConnect can help. We are singularly focused on providing an extensive collection of energy data in one location and one consistent format to save you both time and money.   



Fundamental data
Get the most comprehensive data, available on-demand including: Supply; Transmission; Demand; Stock levels; Actual emissions and emissions caps. Data is available both as calculations and model runs generated by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon analysts, plus actuals acquired from information providers and transparency web sites.
Weather data
View data from Thomson Reuters Meteorology and Hydrology environments, as well as external suppliers. Get the fastest forecasts in the market on temperature and precipitation, hydro reservoirs, ground water, snow reservoir, etc, as well as observations on temperature, precipitation and wind.
Market price data
Receive prices on energy commodities and carbon products from all the major information sources available, as well as Thomson Reuters Point Carbon own carbon OTC price assessments.
One format, one source
Save on the time and cost of acquiring data from multiple suppliers. Get content which adapts to your evolving needs. Work with data immediately by feeding it straight into your systems. Access Point Carbon’s exclusive proprietary data. Upgrade quickly: add data to your subscription immediately via the PointConnect Data Guide Menu

Technical Specifications

Data retrieval Pull Soluiton
Enables you to log on to our server and grab the files posted there to suit your own schedule.
Data retrieval Push Application
Opens a secure connection to your server and places the latest files on it as soon as the relevant data arrives in our database.
File format
The data is compiled in CSV files, with flexible layouts and Point Carbon Metadata to describe the content.
Time stamp format
We gather data from a variety of sources throughout Europe and North America. As a result, data in our databases comes in a number of different time zones: CET, UTC, EET, UK Local, EST, etc. To provide a consistent resource, we save the data in UTC in addition to the original time zone. You can choose which time format you wish to view.