ESG Research Data

In-depth environmental, social and governance information enabling socially responsible investment analysis

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How companies respond to issues such as climate change, environmental risk, health & safety and executive remuneration are becoming as important as traditional financial metrics when evaluating corporate performance.

Thomson Reuters offers the most comprehensive ESG database containing information on 4,000+ global companies and over 500+ data points, including all exclusion (ethical screening) criteria and all aspects of sustainability performance.

Our team of over 120 experienced analysts collects and standardizes the data ensuring its accuracy and comparability.



Global Coverage
Screen your global equity and fixed income holdings, accessing data on over 4000 companies
Raw Data Download to Excel
Import all of our 500+ data points straight into Excel with a few clicks
Ethical Exclusion Datapoints
Perform your ethical compliance screening
Datastream Charting
Visualize ESG performance data within the world’s most well known financial charting application powered by Datastream
Standardized & Verified
Rely on standardized and quality controlled data, verified in a rigorous process by our experienced ASSET4 analysts
Templates & Customization
Download ready-made templates via the Datastream Sample Sheets or ask us to customize them for you!

Data Delivery Investment Banking

Access crucial information on companies, industries & events. Go behind the headlines to uncover the market drivers & new opportunities. Tailored to suit your exact business requirements and you only pay for the services you want.

SDC Platinum™

Use for advanced screening of Poison Pill events and Proxy Fights.

Proxy and Poison Pill Feed

Create customized daily FTP deliverables based on over 100 datapoints available in our Corporate Governance databases.