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Thomson Reuters Autex IOI is an online real-time network for communicating pre-trade services between trading partners. It offers global access to thousands of potential trading partners worldwide, enabling you to quickly find the other side of the trade. With Autex you have enormous flexibility in addressing, sending, managing and organizing your IOI and Trade Advertisement messages.



Indications of Interest
Send targeted Indications of Interest to potential trading partners around the globe. You can directly address a message using the Target/Block field, or you can use System and Personal Lists. You can also target and block specific subscribers. Improve your order flow with Naturals. Autex provides a number of tools to help you target your messages to the destinations that are most likely to respond.
Trade Advertisements
Trade Advertisements are viewed by traders as a means of rating liquidity sources. Publishing on the Autex network enables you to raise your profile and promote your firm's trading prowess in specific securities, industries or markets.