Foreign Exchange Markets

Bringing you community and liquidity through a platform delivering insight, execution and workflow management

Thomson Reuters helps you to get in contact with the world's largest professional trading community. We provide access to the best prices, market intelligence and the deepest liquidity. Our comprehensive range of pre-trade, trade and post-trade services, now incorporating our capabilities from FXall , support thousands of global and regional banks, institutional investors and corporate clients around the world in developed and emerging markets. With 30 years experience of driving innovation in the foreign exchange market, we give our customers access to the largest over-the-counter trading community, providing market participants ready to trade the widest range of asset classes at the best prices. 

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Foreign Exchange Markets Products:

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Eikon is the most intuitive and comprehensive way of staying informed. Company and industry views provide top-level summaries, and then detailed information is just a click away. Identify new opportunities and gain deep understanding of markets, industries, companies and events. With natural-language search, you can quickly find news, charts, deals information, research reports and analytics.

Elektron Managed Services

Elektron Managed Services offers a suite of global hosting capabilities, letting you focus on aspects of your business that generate the largest returns, while leveraging a fully managed set of infrastructure, data and application solutions to support trading.

Thomson Reuters Dealing

Thomson Reuters Dealing is the industry standard, used by trading professionals for price discovery, trade execution and straight-through processing.


Delivers expertise, resources, commitment and neutrality to help ensure liquidity in all market conditions for more than 1,300 active traders, asset managers, corporate treasurers, banks, broker-dealers and prime brokers around the globe.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Connect and collaborate with over 210,000 financial professionals around the globe, share live data, charts and analytics and benefit from our editorial-led forums.

Thomson Reuters Trade Notification

Open to all trading, clearing and settlement players, Thomson Reuters Trade Notification lets you connect with counterparties all around the world. It gives you a single connection, guaranteed delivery and global customer support.

Thomson Reuters Deal Tracker

Thomson Reuters Deal Tracker offers a suite of tools for monitoring and processing FX trades from the front to the back office. Take control of deals, confirmed tickets and post-trade notifications before, during and after trading.

Thomson Reuters DataScope Equities

Thomson Reuters DataScope Equities offers leading coverage of over 6.5 million securities, assets in over 175 exchanges in more than 90 countries and up to 20 years of price history.

IFR Markets

Broken down into three distinct products: Rates, Credit and ForexWatch. With over 70 analysts worldwide, our unique combination of commentary, analysis, data and forecasting makes IFR Markets the place to go for market flow and sentiment.

FX Matching

FX Matching is an anonymous electronic matching application for the foreign exchange market. This suite includes Thomson Reuters Forward Matching, Thomson Reuters Spot Matching and Thomson Reuters Matching for Prime Brokerage