Pricing and Valuation Data

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Our solutions provide global financial institutions with sophisticated products and services to address managing valuation risk, pricing and reference data integration, distribution and management and managing content and reference data. 

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Pricing and Valuation Data Products:

Thomson Reuters DataScope for Corporate Actions

Offers comprehensive, timely, premium-quality corporate actions content for the world’s capital markets. Whether you are focused on pre-trade or post-trade activities, we offer a complete solution to support multiple processing activities

Thomson Reuters Reference Data

Comprehensive reference data for the global financial and investment management community. We are an originator, consolidator and value add re-distributor of security and financial instrument data with hundreds of sources and partners.

Elektron Real Time Data

Get real time market data with our low-latency feed, as well as analytics, news, evaluated pricing, reference data, tick history and third-party content.

Thomson Reuters Symbology Services

Our comprehensive set of capabilities and services can help you achieve higher data accuracy, more efficient trade workflows and better linking of information across multiple entity types. Improves your ability to identify securities.

Thomson Reuters Entity Risk

With clear linkages and hierarchies, you can capture better insight

Thomson Reuters DataScope Select

Strategic data delivery platform for non-streaming content globally. The platform is a full cross-asset offering with intelligently linked data for all Thomson Reuters DataScope content. Adapts to today’s content and delivery requirements.

Thomson Reuters DataScope Equities

Thomson Reuters DataScope Equities offers leading coverage of over 6.5 million securities, assets in over 175 exchanges in more than 90 countries and up to 20 years of price history.

Thomson Reuters DataScope Onsite

The strategic deployed data delivery platform for enterprise content deployed at client sites and completely managed by Thomson Reuters making it a high performance, maintenance free data source for our clients.

Thomson Reuters Pricing Service

Thomson Reuters Pricing Service is an independent, global evaluated pricing source covering over 2.5 million fixed income securities, derivatives and bank loans. Coverage spans all major financial markets and prices are available at multiple times daily.

Thomson Reuters PE Buyout Indices

The Thomson Reuters PE Buyout Indices, consisting of the Thomson Reuters PE Buyout Index and the Thomson Reuters PE Buyout Research Index, measure the performance of the US Private Equity Buyout industry through a combination of liquid and publically traded assets