Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

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Derwent World Patents Index

The world's most trusted source of patent information


Gain insights you might otherwise miss and make more confident IP decisions by searching the authoritative and accurate patent data in Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI℠). DWPI is the world's most comprehensive database of enhanced patent documents. Subject experts from Thomson Reuters correct, analyze, abstract and manually index every patent record, making it easier for you to quickly find the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you are interested in patents for their technical content, for business planning and development, or for protecting the innovations within your own organization — DWPI gives you the most complete picture possible.



Unmatched Global Patent Coverage in English, including the Asia-Pacific region
Find inventions you would otherwise miss, allowing you to avoid costly errors and to make decisions with confidence
Reliable and enhanced data, featuring clear titles, abstracts summarizing the novelty of the invention, and intellectual corrections to bibliographic errors
Save time and money searching uniquely coded and indexed editorially enhanced data from around the world
Unique coding and indexing systems, intellectually and consistently applied across all patent authorities and technologies
Accelerate review via enhanced titles and abstracts written in English
Celebrating 50 Years as the most trusted source of patent information
Expedite searching utilizing unique DWPI Manual Codes
Invention based records enable users to see worldwide protection for a single invention