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Thomson Reuters Cortellis™ Data Fusion (formerly Entagen’s Extera) enables new scientific and strategic insights by connecting your proprietary content with the world's data, utilizing Big Data and Linked Data technologies. A powerful data core technology is used to aggregate entities and create associations between them, enabling organizations to securely integrate Life Sciences content from a variety of sources. Cortellis Data Fusion is the leading technology to explore hidden relationships between data entities and is used by top pharma and research institutions for applications such as target finding, drug repurposing, and precision medicine.



Advanced API - Cortellis Data Fusion has an advanced application programming interface (API)
Highly versatile data core for a range of applications across the enterprise. The API can be used to both push data into the system as well as pulling data out into internal applications and third-party products
Big Data Scalabilty - Cortellis Data Fusion uses advanced compute clustering, Map Reduce and high-performance indexing technologies to enable scaling to petabyte ranges and beyond
Built to enable organizations to manage, integrate and make sense of all their data
Document Integration - This powerful feature enhances the value of an organization's document repositories
Enables users to easily search for documents which relate to the maps they are building
Enterprise Security - can be deployed behind a client organization's firewall on existing hardware or on servers delivered at the time of installation
Nothing passes out of the firewall and all of the maps created by users are internal to the organization.
Driven by the powerful Data Link Semantic Data Core
Allows integration of data from internal and external sources, e.g. RDF, delimited text files, MS Excel, relational databases, Sharepoint, and RSS feeds, and build a high performance graph of entities and their relationships
Web based visualizations allow users to create, search & share structures knowledge "maps" of associations between domain specific entities thereby
Catalyzes collaboration, knowledge discovery and insight
Advanced analytics - advanced inferencing and connectivity analytics
Visualizations help to uncover unexpected associations, generate hypotheses and share novel ideas with colleagues
Information scanning and alerting
Information alerts for new information relevant to users maps. Email updates for new information as it becomes available