Life Sciences Professional Services

Empowering decision-making across Pharma


We combine expert analysis in use of our content and technology assets, proprietary analytical and visualization tools, and deep expertise in the pharmaceutical and life sciences business so you can benefit from tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs for faster, more informed decisions with higher confidence.

From discovery to launch and beyond, at every stage of the pipeline we can support you with the experts and intelligence to make the best decisions for your organization.


  • Faster Hypothesis Testing Cycles, Improved Confidence, Human Disease Relevance of Insights
  • Integration of clinical strategy and clinical operations to speed cycles times and improve success rates
  • Better data collection approaches for approval and reimbursement claims
  • Comprehensive, independent portfolio analysis and opportunity valuation without bias
  • Customized approaches to drug repositioning for your organization
  • Reduced cost of leveraging an advanced platform for performing research and analysis in major areas of interests to our customers
  • Personalized medicine and translating scientific insights into patient therapies Find out how Thomson Reuters can help you find new paths to revenue from within your own portfolio.


  • Acquire new disease understanding, therapeutic and business insights, and better decision-support capabilities
  • Tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs
  • Make faster, more informed decisions with higher confidence


Custom Reports and Analysis

Your questions answered by our team of expert analysts and researchers.

CMR International

CMR International, a Thomson Reuters business, is the most established and reputable source of pharmaceutical industry metrics and trends analysis in the world.

Decision Support Tools

Cortellis for Decision Support is a series of easy to use, visual dashboards designed to reduce the time you spend compiling and analyzing intelligence, speeding time to approval and enhancing your competitive position from across the pipeline.

Drug Repositioning Services

Customized multi-disciplined approach to repositioning compounds, using our proprietary content and expertise we can evaluate opportunities using pathway analysis and other computational methods to connect data on drugs, disease pathways and proteins.

tranSMART Implementation Services

We offer a complete package of curation and ETL services to enable data processing, annotation, loading, management and visualization in tranSMART and integration with pathway analysis tools.

External Innovation Solutions

Our Professional Services team offer you a new way to identify, evaluate and access people and organizations working on new compounds, targets, technologies, and disease areas who will enhance your advantage over your competitors.

Asset Valuation

Strengthen your negotiating position through expert analysis on deal comparables. Use our expert analysts to run the optimal comparables by therapy areas, indications, drug classes, and specific companies. So you can set partnering strategies, supplement resources and close your deals with success.

Information Integration

Integrate, align, and deliver disparate internal and external competitive intelligence information so it can be shared across your enterprise consistently and securely. Thomson Reuters Cortellis™ for Information Integration enables secure hosting of your proprietary content, public information, and Thomson Reuters data on the Cortellis platform.

MetaMiner Partnerships

The MetaMiner program is a series of industry-academy partnerships on systems biology of common human diseases and stem cells, led by Thomson Reuters.

Rapid Insight Reports

Keep our expert team on stand-by to quickly identify key information from our industry leading databases, public domain sources, and other commercial sources to develop custom reports that offer you penetrating, objective insights, from detailed information about targets of interest to a complete overview of the clinical landscape.

Systems Biology Services

Professional analytical and knowledge management services for a variety of life science applications

Target Analytics and Intelligence

Our team of experts applies the most advanced analytical techniques in a variety of services on target identification, ranking and validation - backed by dozens of proprietary, best-in-class databases

Biopharmaceutical Market Research

Trusted insights for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and healthcare –gain valuable insights, to develop successful products and market strategies.

Regulatory Services

Thomson Reuters has a dedicated professional services team that includes regulatory professionals, industry consultants and IT experts to support collaborations beyond our core content capabilities. Our services include customized regulatory newsletters, regulatory landscaping reports, and company internal documentation review and management.