Corporate Governance

A customizable approach to sophisticated corporate governance

Global corporate governance guidelines and rules are becoming increasingly onerous, with the expectations of shareholders and investors adding pressure for greater transparency and control.  Our Corporate Governance Solutions are designed to enable our clients to manage the quarterly business activities of the board, stay up to date on the latest business news and regulatory changes, manage multiple layers of risk, and optimize governance and disclosure initiatives.

Corporate Governance Products:

Thomson Reuters Audit Manager

Increase productivity of audit management process, including risk assessment, planning, scheduling, preparation, review, report generation, global issue tracking and administration.

Thomson Reuters Policy Manager

An enterprise-wide solution that directly connects your organization's internal policies with the governing external regulations. Rule changes are automatically emailed to compliance team members as they occur.

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence

Comprehensive solution to track and analyze over 400 global regulators and exchanges to understand the likely impact on your organization.

Thomson Reuters BoardLink

A secure, web-based board portal, with an optional iPad app, that enables board members to communicate and share documents, create topic-specific workspaces, and compile and share board books. Provides a secure, hassle-free process.

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning

Delivering engaging, comprehensive, cost-effective training programs in over 30 different languages to more than 500 training clients and 600,000 users globally.