Manage information along the complete research lifecycle.


Converis is the only fully configurable research information management system that can manage the complete research lifecycle, from the earliest due diligence in the grant process through the final publication and application of research results. With Converis, understand the full scope of your organization’s contributions by building scholarly profiles based on our publishing and citations data—then layer in your institutional data to more specifically track success within your organization.


  • View organization, department, group or individual profiles to track research, service and teaching activities.
  • Quantify your research outputs to assess growth and the impact of strategic initiatives.
  • Identify experts and support collaboration opportunities.
  • Integrate systems including local repositories.
  • Can be used out-of-the-box, enabling organizations to rapidly take the system into operation and realize a rapid return on investment.
  • Configuration Module enables an organization to make changes to any essential element of the system at any time.


  • Support for the complete research lifecycle.
  • Reuse existing information with more than 50 connectors for easy integration.
  • Access full text with Open Access repository functionality and import data from online sources in multiple file formats.
  • Extensive reporting possibilities.
  • Support for CASRAI, CERIF, and ORCID.
  • Integrate with external systems including Web of Science™.
  • Increased visibility of institution’s research profiles through CV generator, public web research portal and Converis web services.