Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

...and is no longer part of Thomson Reuters. You can still explore their products on this page.

Scholarly Publishing and Presenting

Get your content to the right audiences with comprehensive workflow management systems

Be the first to deliver the most interesting and influential content to your audiences by fast-tracking publication and supporting your meeting objectives, from start to finish.

From submission through peer review, aggregate, manage and publish journal, book and conference proceedings from a single, dynamic destination. Engage with your audience, reach the right researchers, analyze your processes, and measure the impact and influence of your content. 

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Scholarly Publishing and Presenting Products:

ScholarOne Manuscripts

The premier journal and peer review tool for scholarly publishers and societies that deftly balances a journal’s requirements to holistically aggregate content with an author’s inherent interest in getting published work out quickly.

ScholarOne Abstracts

The industry’s foremost technology for abstract management, enabling an efficient workflow solution that accelerates abstract acceptance and supports the leading research presentations at scholarly meetings and conferences.

Thomson Reuters Core Publishing Solutions

Thomson Reuters Core Publishing Solutions provides end to end content production and delivery solutions that help publishers move their business forward in today's ever changing marketplace.

ScholarOne Grants & Awards

Allows project leaders to manage the entire submission, review and acceptance process with transparency and ease, designating custom workflows to ensure timeliness and quality in supporting the future of scholarly research.

ScholarOne Books

Manages the book publishing process from acquisition and content approval through content review, assembly, and release to production. Editorial and production offices can focus on manuscripts, not system configuration and administration.

Web of Science™ Author Connect

Author Connect provides you with targeted email and postal lists of the top peer-reviewed published authors in the sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities when you order from the Web of ScienceTM Author Connect and BIOSIS Author Connect Customized Mailing Lists®. Use these academic mailing lists to more accurately target prospects for subscriptions and sales of journals and books, call for manuscript and abstract campaigns, find meeting attendees, perform surveys, and more.

The Incidence & Prevalence Database

The Incidence and Prevalence Database, the most efficient way to look at the world’s epidemiology data. Covering over 4,500 diseases, procedures, symptoms and other health issues for incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, comorbidity, treated or diagnosed rates and more.

ScholarOne Proceedings

ScholarOne Proceedings provides a secure, cost-effective online solution for abstract and multiphase proceedings submission. This includes multiple review cycles, production output, all within a framework of administrative control.