ScholarOne Manuscripts

Simplifying the peer review process for scholarly publishers


ScholarOne Manuscripts is the premier journal and peer review tool for scholarly publishers and societies. It deftly balances a journal’s requirements to holistically aggregate content with an author’s inherent interest in getting published work out quickly to a professional audience.

ScholarOne Manuscripts has broad application in the marketplace, used by some of the most prestigious commercial publishers, societies, associations, and university presses in the world. Its high-level configuration delivers overviews of manuscript status and identifies bottlenecks to maximize workflow capacity.


  • Execute task assignments, email reminders, and web-based research tools automatically
  • Capture data and files in multiple languages and formats and create PDF and HTML proofs on the fly
  • Customize requirements at the journal level, including submissions questions, key words, files types, and field size limits


  • An end-to-end solution for over 365 societies, publishers and university presses
  • A workflow system for more than 3,400 journals
  • Support to over 13 million registered users
  • Currently accepting 1.3 million annual submissions
  • A fully customizable solution
  • Plagarism detection
  • Cognos Reporting
  • Simplified Chinese Interface
  • A qualified team of implementation, training, and support experts