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Thomson Reuters and the Chinese Academy of Sciences host the Chinese Science Citation Database on the Web of Science™. Fully integrated and searchable, this database covers over 1,200 top scholarly publications from China, with nearly 2 million records in total.

The Chinese Science Citation Database is the first non-English product available within Web of Science. Web of Science also supports Unicode — expanding search capabilities beyond English to character languages and empowering Chinese Science Citation Database and other Web of Science™ Core Collection users with new customization options.


  • Coverage of nearly 1,200 top scholarly publications from the People’s Republic of China, complementing existing coverage.
  • Nearly two million article records and more than 13 million citations.
  • Multidisciplinary coverage to 1989 of agricultural sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering (computer sciences, mechanics, etc.) geosciences, management, mathematics, medicine, and physics.
  • Most article information (title, author, source) in both Chinese (Simplified) and English. Approximately 40% of all items contain English-language abstracts and more than 60% of citations are in English.
  • Integrated bibliography management: Use EndNote® online, freely available to any Web of Science™ Core Collection user, to easily access and organize your references online. Send references as you search.
  • Times Cited: Discover a paper's influence by linking to all the papers that have cited it.
  • A wide selection of sort capabilities — by Times Cited, publication date, and more, including choices not available in the original Web of Science, such as the ability to invert sort options (A-Z or Z-A).
  • Personalization capabilities: Add search results to a Marked List and output records in a variety of formats; use spell check functionality to assure accuracy of your search elements.
  • Usage reporting: A flexible, interactive interface lets library administrators view and track usage data, creating customized reports and exporting to a variety of formats.


  • Track Chinese research trends, top authors, institutions, journals, and more
  • Determine if papers written about your discipline are available in Chinese
  • Discover if you’ve been cited in China
  • Produce high quality papers that reflect global trends and research
  • Trace national and international research community interactions
  • Identify qualified collaborators, reviews, editors and authors
  • Discover pockets of activity and centers of excellence