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Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

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Conference Proceedings Citation Index

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Conference Proceedings Citation Index, accessed via Web of Science™ Core Collection, helps researchers access the published literature from the most significant conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions worldwide. This resource offers a complete view of conference proceedings and their impact on global research, letting you use cited reference searching to track emerging ideas and new research beyond what is covered in the journal literature. Two editions cover the sciences and social sciences.


  • Wide-ranging content: Content is international, not limited to papers published in English, and includes data from books, journals, reports, series, and preprints.
  • Available in two editions: Sciences & Technology and Social Science- provide enhanced coverage of books and meeting abstracts. Together, these two editions cover nearly 256 categories from over 160,000 conference proceedings since 1990.
  • Current information: Conference Proceedings Citation Index is updated weekly, with nearly 400,000 records from approximately 12,000 conferences added each year.
  • Integrated bibliography management: Use EndNote® online, fully integrated and freely available to any Conference Proceedings Citation Index on Web of Science™ user, to easily access and organize your references online.
  • Full-text links: Directly access the full text of proceedings.
  • Alerting and RSS feeds: Keep up to date with the information that matters to you by saving searches as email alerts.


  • Uncover new theories, solutions, and indications of emerging and developing concepts that help you pursue successful research and grant acquisition.
  • Discover research ideas as they are first presented, before they are included in journal articles.
  • See how conference proceedings influence work in related disciplines.
  • Identify potential collaborators who are pursuing complementary areas of research.
  • Create performance metrics that depict a more complete picture of an individual's, department's, or institution's productivity and influence.
  • Make acquisition decisions about proceedings.
  • Integrate searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one streamlined process.

Conference Lists

These worksheets list the titles covered in the Conference Proceedings-Science and Conference Proceedings-Social Science & Humanities collections. The data presented includes Conference Title, as well as the City, State, Country, Region and Dates of the conference. It also includes are the Source Title, Series Title, WoS Category as well as the domain and sub-domain of the title.