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Current Chemical Reactions® delivers the latest synthetic methods reported in over 100 of the world's leading organic chemistry journals. Each reaction provides complete reaction diagrams,critical conditions, bibliographic data, and author abstracts.


  • Relevant Coverage: Every item included in Current Chemical Reactions® has met the high standards of an objective evaluation process that eliminates clutter and excess and delivers data that is accurate, meaningful and timely.
  • Cited Reference Searching: Track prior research and monitor current developments, see who is citing your work, measure the influence of colleagues' work, and follow the path of today's hottest ideas.
  • Easy Author Identification: Locate articles written by the same authors in a simple, single search. Find the right author, right away — eliminating the problems of similar author names or several authors with the same name.
  • Insightful Analysis Options: Find hidden trends and patterns, gain insight into emerging fields of research, and identify leading researchers, institutions, and journals with the Analyze Tool.
  • Backfiles to 1840:Current Chemical Reactions® provides backfiles to 1986, plus INPI archives from 1840 to 1985. You can access this wealth of vital data to find the supporting — or refuting — data you need.
  • 1,083,758 reactions in 598,871 reaction flows


  • Keep up with new and newly modified reactions and methods.
  • Uncover relevant results in related fields.
  • Discover emerging trends that help you pursue successful research and grant acquisition.
  • Identify potential collaborators with significant citation records.
  • Integrate searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one streamlined process.

Technical Specifications

Web of Science™ Core Collection:
Updated monthly; Backfiles to 1840
Magnetic tape:
Updated every six months, cumulating to an annual CD-ROM; Over 42,000 reactions added annually; Backfiles to 1986
Updated every six months