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Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics

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Social Sciences Citation Index

Overcome information overload and focus on essential data from the world's leading journals

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Social Sciences Citation Index®, accessed via Web of Science™ Core Collection, provides researchers, administrators, faculty, and students with quick, powerful access to the bibliographic and citation information they need to find research data, analyze trends, journals and researchers, and share their findings.

Overcome information overload and focus on essential data from 3,000 of the world's leading social sciences journals across 50 disciplines.


  • Comprehensive and Relevant Coverage: Every journal included in Social Sciences Citation Index® has met the high standards of an objective evaluation process that eliminates clutter.
  • Cited Reference Searching: Track prior research and monitor current developments, see who is citing your work, measure the influence of colleagues' work, and follow the path of today's hottest ideas.
  • Easy Author Identification: Locate articles written by the same authors in a simple, single search. Find the right author, right away - eliminating the problems of similar author names or several authors with the same name.
  • Insightful Analysis Options: Find hidden trends and patterns, gain insight into emerging fields of research, and identify leading researchers, institutions, and journals with the Analyze Tool.


  • Cover-to-cover indexing: With Social Sciences Citation Index, you can access every significant item from a journal, including original research articles, reviews, editorials, chronologies, abstracts, and more.
  • A full range of disciplines: Find information in areas such as anthropology, sociology, urban studies, business and communication, criminology, penology, law, nursing, rehabilitation, and information and library sciences.
  • Integrated bibliography management: Use EndNote® online, fully integrated and freely available to any Social Sciences Citation Index user, to easily access and organize your references online.
  • KeyWords Plus®: Enhance the power of cited reference searching by searching across disciplines for all the articles that have cited references in common.
  • Times Cited: Discover a paper's influence by linking to all the papers that have cited it.
  • Full-text links: Directly access publishers' full-text articles.
  • Alerting and RSS feeds: Keep up to date with the information that matters to you by saving general, cited reference and chemical structure searches as email alerts. Or set up RSS feeds for saved searches and Citation Alerts.

Technical Specifications

Via Web of Science™ Core Collection, updated weekly; Backfiles to 1955
Online via Social SciSearch
Updated weekly; Backfiles to 1972; Network options available online via distribution partners
SciSearch via
DIALOG; DIMDI; STN: backfiles to 1972/1973.