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Q3 2014 TRust Index

Top 50 Global Financial Institutions end with positive sentiment for the second consecutive quarter. Trust sentiment in top financial institutions spikes in Asia, while negative news sends European institutions lower.

Technology & Regulatory Strain: Where’s Your Breaking Point?

Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk business explores how broker/dealers can efficiently tackle the regulatory onslaught.

Women in Sales

European Women in Sales Award caps a year of global recognition

Celebrating the finalists at the European Women in Sales Awards and honouring Zhanna Martyniuk as the Financial Sales winner. Read more on the awards


MarketPsych: Sentiment Data in the Foreign Exchange Markets

Financial markets are known to show systematic and repeating patterns that are apparently irrational – or "non-optimal" in academic parlance.

Don't shoot the messenger

Don't shoot the messenger

The financial industry has been buzzing with news that some financial institutions may ban the use of chat rooms and instant messaging, returning, instead, to voice communications.

A rainbow is seen at dawn as clouds form a tropical storm over Havana, November 20, 2009. Caption|REUTERS/Desmond Boylan

Managing the Complex Demands of Global Board Governance

Thomson Reuters Accelus annual board governance survey indicates organizations lack understanding of security risks surrounding board materials.

Opening up the conversation on trust

Opening up the conversation on trust

Institute for New Economic Thinking and Washington Ideas engage in new forums on the topic of trust.

BLOG: David Craig: The winners in compliance

BLOG: The winners in compliance

David Craig comments on the 9th Annual Compliance Awards, which brought together over 350 of the industry's leading compliance professionals, regulators and professionals from related industries.

Tackling infobesity: Thomson Reuters Eikon app uses data visualization to deliver information to the commodities industry

Tackling infobesity

A new Thomson Reuters Eikon app uses data visualization to deliver information to the commodities industry.

Lipper White Paper - why robust classifications are vital to boards' ability to meet their 15(c) fiduciary responsibilities

Meeting 15(c) Responsibilities

In this paper we examine why robust classifications – such as Lipper's 159 U.S. open-end classifications – are vital to boards' ability to meet their 15(c) fiduciary responsibilities.

Lipper White Paper - why robust classifications are vital to boards' ability to meet their 15(c) fiduciary responsibilities

Can Sentiment Predict Price Movements?

The well-known Forward Premium Puzzle states that foreign exchange spot prices seem to be irrational. Sentiment may be the key to understanding this. We test this hypothesis.

New Quarterly TRust Index

Thomson Reuters Q2 TRust Index

Using proprietary data, analytics, and media sentiment, our new quarterly TRust Index benchmarks the state of trust.

A Window Not a Wall.

Window Not a Wall

What the Global Financial Community Needs to Drive Profits, Connect and Manage Risk. Our new white paper tells you how – and where – to find it.

Caption|REUTERS/ Baz Ratner

The State of Internal Audit 2013

Thomson Reuters Accelus surveyed more than 1,100 internal audit practitioners worldwide in February and March 2013 to canvass their views on the state of internal audit and their greatest challenges for the year ahead.

Risk in the Boardroom

Risk in the Boardroom

Board responsibility for risk governance is a fundamental part of the corporate oversight role of boards. Learn how risk is being handled – across the board.

Path to the cloud

Look Beyond the Cloud

There's a new confidence about the way that the financial sector is embracing hosted and managed services. Discover why this has happened, and what are the success factors.

More White Papers & Surveys

Carbon Taxes

Geared for policymakers and stakeholders, this piece covers the increasingly important – and controversial topic of carbon taxes.

Solving for Symbology Discord

Read our white paper on the challenges of identity and its growing importance to the financial industry.

A Historical Constant: The Importance of Data Quality

The basic processes supporting trading decisions have always been the same, with data quality being a key requirement for any strategy.

Three Challenges. One Partner

Read our white paper exploring the challenges facing global financial institutions today and how to move forward to the opportunities of tomorrow.

Volume of Board Materials at New Heights

Thomson Reuters Annual Board Governance survey shows increasing burden driven by governance expectations.