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Fast, comprehensive search results to help you better determine and defend your position in the market


  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease R&D project risk
  • Best-in-class resources

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  • Patent Lawyer
  • Patent Paralegal
  • Research & Development Professionals


With more than 45 years of global patent research expertise, trust Thomson Reuters to provide you with fast, comprehensive search results from the industry’s leading patent and non-patent sources enabling you to better determine and defend your position in the market.

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  • Clearance/Right-to-Use/Freedom-to-Operate Searching
  • Collection/State-of-the-Art Searching
  • Competitive and Technical Intelligence Searching
  • Infringement Searching
  • Novelty/Patentability/Prior Art Searching
  • Patent Watches and Alerts
  • Validity and Invalidity Searching


  • Increase productivity by outsourcing basic search requests
  • Decrease R&D project risk with comprehensive prior art searching
  • Uncover relevant patent information when faced with patent litigation
  • Bring products to market more quickly using the USPTO 'Accelerated Examination' program
  • Perform patent and non-patent searching in a foreign language, using foreign databases

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