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  • Translate patent filings
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce litigation risks

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  • Competitive Intelligence Professional
  • Intellectual Property Director
  • Patent Lawyer


With more than 50 years of global patent translation expertise, trust Thomson Reuters to save you valuable time and money on all your patent prosecution and litigation translations.

We provide translations from and into a wide range of languages, combining language proficiency and subject matter knowledge with an understanding of patent literature based on years of experience. Trust our subject specialists to provide professional patent translations to support your patent filings or litigation, and to support business decisions.

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  • Translate filings to virtually any language
  • Reduce litigation risks with subject specialists experienced in patent work
  • Thoroughly review patent literature filed on a global basis


  • Full and accurate translations at a competitive price
  • Fast service for time-sensitive decisions
  • Comprehensive language coverage
  • Jump start R&D projects with information you need to make informed, timely decisions

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