Comprehensive manually curated database of mammalian biology and medicinal chemistry data.


  • Unlimited SQL-level access
  • Custom solution data analysis
  • In-house resources integration
  • Tailor-fitting tools

Intended for

  • BioChem Informatician
  • Medicinal Chemist
  • Pharmacologist


MetaBase™ is the knowledge base behind the platform that includes MetaCore™ and MetaDrug™.  Delivered as an Oracle database with more than 200 tables, MetaBase is arguably the most comprehensive manually curated database of mammalian biology and medicinal chemistry data available today, in both industry and academia.  Thomson Reuters offers direct SQL-level access to MetaBase tables and schema to life sciences companies for pursuits in genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and more.

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  • More than 1,400 interactive canonical pathway maps capturing nearly 200,000 human, mouse, and rat fine metabolic and signaling canonical pathways depicted based on consensus literature findings
  • More than one million interactions of proteins with other proteins, DNA, RNA, metabolites, and xenobiotics
  • Thousands of disease biomarkers
  • Nearly 700,000 compounds with targets and bioactivity information
  • More than 9,000 metabolic reactions
  • Over 7,200 drugs
  • 5,000 endogenous metabolites
  • Millions of synonyms resolved for genes, proteins, and compounds
  • Protein complexes and protein families in human, mouse, and rat


  • Biomarker discovery & patient stratification
  • Target identification
  • Drug resistance and sensitivity
  • Drug repositioning
  • Drug combination discovery
  • Pharmacology and toxicity assessment

Hardware Requirements
Server (for in-house installations):

  • 2 or more XEON CPUs with 8GB of RAM recommended
  • 3.2 GHz CPU and higher recommended
  • Minimum of 120GB of storage is recommended
  • Oracle 10.2 DMBS standard or Enterprise and client tools

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