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Trading is increasingly fragmented. Find out by how much and which venues in our summarised monthly reports.


  • MTF operated Dark Pools
  • Equity Market Share Reporter
  • Markit BCS Daily reporting

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The charts below show the traded value of all MTF operated Dark Pools and six of the leading broker crossing services equities recorded over the last 13 months. For the most recent month the break down for main venues is provided. The data for the MTFs has been sourced from our Equity Market Share Reporter whilst the Broker Crossing System data, has been sourced from Markit BCS Daily reporting.

Selecting the All Europe tab will display the activity across all trade types in Europe over the same time frame. 

The Asia Pacific tab provides access to a spreadsheet showing the activity for all Asia Pacific markets as well as specific data for the Japanese market.

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MTF operated Dark Pools

Europe Dark Pools

Trading volumes for the independent Dark Pools are broken out where these are reported through OTC trade publication services such as Markit BOAT through reference to specific flags on these feeds or from specific trade flags on the feeds from the MTFs that provide their data.

US & Canada

By Index:

By region and country:

All Europe

The market share information has been sourced from Thomson Reuters Equity Market Share Reporter which uses data from individual trades reported by all European Exchanges, MTFs, and OTC trade reporting venues.

Monthly summarised data on index basis

Monthly summarised data on a per market basis

Asia Pacific

The spreadsheets provide monthly data for All Asian equities and Japanese equities broken out by markets and for the Nikkei 225 index constituents.

By Index:

By region and country:


Our guide as to how we compile these reports

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