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Reuters is the world’s largest international news agency providing real-time, award-winning multimedia news content. Reuters is known around the globe for its speed, accuracy and freedom from bias. With over 2,700 journalists in almost 200 bureaus around the world delivering news in more than 20 different languages, Reuters delivers insight, depth and understanding to more than a billion people every day.

Reuters is the single source for an unrivaled range of multimedia across general and political, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle news, with a range of integrated and online delivery options for broadcast, text, pictures, graphics and data feeds.

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Reuters World Cup 2014

Our on-the-ground editorial teams, comprised of award-winning journalists, photographers and video crews, cover all the action at the World Cup, from the first kick of a ball to the very final whistle. Partner with Reuters to provide the very best online experience for your audience.

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Reuters Live Online

Reuters Live Online allows you to stream three live events simultaneously to your website—from breaking news to scheduled live events, including entertainment, sports, summits, speeches, news conferences, and more.

The west side of the United States Capitol is shown as Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, is sworn in Washington January 20, 2009. Caption|REUTERS/Jason Reed

U.S. Election Service

Reuters, in partnership with Ipsos, the leading global research company, have revolutionized the election polling process in order to deliver the fastest, most accurate and in-depth polling information and election results.

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Reuters Brand Content Solutions

Engage your audience with entertaining and insightful pictures, articles, video, optimized content, and newsletters. Reuters Brand Content Solutions produces high-quality content to enhance your brand and start conversations. With over 3,000 journalists and 600 photo journalists around the world, we provide real-time, high-impact, multimedia content available in multiple languages to engage your customers.

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U.S. Online Video

Reuters U.S. Online Video provides deep video coverage of U.S. daily breaking news, focusing on top events and issues, as well as key markets, companies and people. Add context and color by customizing short, rough-cut natural video, or use ready-to-publish edits curated by our team of specialist editors. Send us specific requests and become involved in content planning.