Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE

The most comprehensive solution to manage all of your complex and ever-expanding tax and compliance needs


  • End-to-end expert tax solution
  • International & local compliance
  • Robust tax data management
  • Integrates with your ERP system

Intended for

  • Corporate Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tax Manager


Built with world-class technology, backed by our leading industry experts, ONESOURCE works hard to make your job much simpler. Your company can achieve a new level of accuracy and compliance, and find efficiencies that save you time with ONESOURCE.

ONESOURCE helps you address the complexities of tax and compliance on every level. Across 180 countries, our tax software programs and services help you stay in compliance, avoid penalties and audits, increase efficiency and save vast amounts of time. Whether it’s corporate income tax, indirect tax, property tax, trust tax, tax information reporting, transfer pricing, data management, your internal processes or more, let us simplify your tax compliance lifecycle with one complete solution.

Discover the full range of ONESOURCE tax solutions for corporations on our Tax & Accounting website.



Comprehensive solution with advanced, flexible technology

Wherever you're taking your business next, ONESOURCE grows with your needs

Data Management

Save time and increase accuracy with consistent data across your enterprise

Complete Integration

Streamline your workflow across your tax department and all your compliance processes
This Solution consists of the following components:

Component Name


ONESOURCE Corporate Income Tax

Helps you run your department more efficiently, reduce risk, and achieve greater accuracy and timeliness – giving you the tools necessary for those strategic, value-added activities.Our customer service ensures your continued success.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax delivers a consolidated approach to achieving higher degrees of sales & use tax and value-added tax compliance. Its tax-content driven calculation solution covers over 14,500 taxing jurisdictions in over 175 countries

ONESOURCE Property Tax

Provides end-to-end property tax management capabilities. Our ASP model offers anytime, anywhere web access and speed. Your data will be hosted at a Tier 1 Data Center, which offers world-class security and triple redundancy.  


Provides wealth managers with an integrated compliance solution that automates the fiduciary tax process from data management to 1099 and 1042-S reporting. Uur software interfaces with every trust accounting system available.

ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration

Our software modules work together as an integrated system or can be used independently as standalone products to meet your individual needs. Our preparation services will simplify & standardize your court accounting and tax preparation.

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting

We offer corporations a complete U.S. Federal and state or Canadian solution, including TIN Compliance, withholding management and industry training. The 1099 software is Web-based and easily accessible from wherever you work.

ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Helps you provide an accurate consolidated tax forecast. As the financial close calculation window shortens and companies expand operations globally, more sophisticated tax data management and reporting tools are needed.

ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing

Discover solutions that cover your end-to-end transfer pricing needs. From automating the data collection process, defining, maintaining and implementing intercompany policies, regularly monitoring the adherence to these policies, & more.

ONESOURCE Accounts Production

Automate and electronically report key financial information with a free, open-exchange standard. Stay up to date with International Financial Reporting Standards in the UK and Australia with ONESOURCE Accounts Production software.

ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager

A high-performance, web-hosted solution that helps you manage your department and drive your tax and compliance processes. This comprehensive project and document management solution improves your control and operational efficiency.

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