Reuters Africa Daily

News from the African continent


  • Regional focus on key events
  • 4-5 daily stories, Monday-Friday
  • Bureaus throughout the region

Intended for

  • Online Publisher
  • Televised News Producer


Scripted in both English and French, Reuters Africa Daily delivers a comprehensive range of news from the African continent, including balanced news coverage and featured reports on politics, business and foreign investment, arts and culture, sports, science, and lifestyle. This service complements the Africa coverage in the Reuters World News Service.

Reuters Africa Daily is designed for both African and global customers, with coverage of issues impacting people living in Africa as well as the continent's impact on the world. News is delivered with an African perspective, delivering news coverage important to African communities around the world.

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  • Regional focus on key events
  • 4-5 daily stories delivered Monday-Friday
  • Updated news throughout the day, five days per week
  • Natural sound video, supplemented by detailed scripts and shot-lists
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Coverage diaries and advisories to aid program planning


  • Access to major regional news event via the breadth and depth of Reuters global reporting infrastructure
  • Rolling video news service means fresh footage is only minutes away
  • Live flashes for breaking news
  • Skilful editing by experienced producers and journalists. High quality, long edits maximize flexibility for broadcasters
  • Natural sound peppered with usable sound bites
  • Easy-to-use scripts and detailed shot-lists minimize turnaround time
  • Dependable 24-hour access from all regions of the world, via six dedicated satellite paths and permanent uplinks




24 hrs per day, Monday-Friday


Natural sound with usable sound bites


Long edits


English and French, also accessible via the Internet


A satellite dish is required. Reuters provides a satellite receiver and a server running World News Express software to enable receipt and integration of video content and scripts into your newsroom.

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