Reuters America: Domestic News and Sports

Empowering newsrooms and media organizations nationally


  • National and global stories
  • Increased sports coverage
  • Focus on breaking news
  • Flexible commercial pricing

Intended for

  • Newspaper Editor
  • Online Publisher
  • Televised News Producer


Speed. Accuracy. Depth. Reuters America delivers it all, with an emphasis on flexibility, cost-efficiency and customer service. Not simply a one-size-fits-all product, Reuters America is a collaborative service designed to address your editorial and workflow requirements in general, business, sports and political U.S. news. We understand that your needs have evolved over time, and we aim to meet the changing demands of your audience.

Reuters builds on over 150 years of experience—and contributions from industry-leading third-party partners—to become your top source of national U.S. coverage, delivering the type of content that you need, in the way that you want to receive it, for a reasonable price.

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  • Digital- and mobile-ready content, optimized for your viewers
  • More U.S. sports coverage
  • Commercial flexibility and transparency
  • Expert on-board and set-up support
  • Separation of the news from the noise
  • New channel options


  • Sports and entertainment video content rights information, cleared for mobile use. All picture formats compatible with current mobile device formats
  • The latest breaking news, game coverage and statistics from all major U.S. leagues, as well as unparalleled international sports reporting
  • Providing only what you need, at a competitive price
  • Expert, dedicated technical support for implementation and set up to ensure timely deployment
  • Get breaking news alerts and upcoming schedules to help focus your efforts and best leverage resources
  • Available on Reuters Connect, a delivery platform that redefines the way you integrate Reuters and partner content quickly and easily into your workflow

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