Reuters Desktop Library

Fast access to archival video


  • Archive news footage since 1896
  • Flexible format
  • Detailed background information

Intended for

  • Online Publisher
  • Televised News Producer


Reuters Desktop Library provides fast access to video footage from more than a century of key news events. The archive comprises around 100 hours of visual material dating from 1896 and is updated three times a year to ensure a premium, timely mix of recent and historic footage.

Busy newsroom staff can quickly locate the contextual background material needed for their stories. Simple, built-in research tools help focus your search, and provide instant, direct access to broadcast quality material. A must for any television news service or programming team, the service is available only to Reuters World News Service subscribers.

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5,000 items from key news events since 1896

A robust collection for a wide range of programming applications, with more than 100 hours of video compiled by experienced Reuters TV journalists

Sophisticated PC-based index system for searching records

Simple and quick search capabilities with a sophisticated index, which includes thumbnails and nearly 2,000 hyperlinked items

Instant access to footage in any television broadcast format, PAL or NTSC

Cuts retrieval time and effort, with the complete archive collection instantly available in broadcast quality

Detailed background information, shot-lists and original scripts for each video clip

Keeps your library growing and your index up-to-date

Updates three times every year

Avoids complicated price and rights negotiations, with a fixed annual price and unlimited re-usage rights for Reuters World News Service customers


Global, exclusive to Reuters World News Service customers


Always available, updates issued three times per year


Reuters Desktop Library comes in two parts — an advanced indexing system that can be installed on your PC from a CD ROM, and a collection of Beta SP or DVC Pro tapes containing the archive footage clips in broadcast quality

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