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  • Interviews with top celebrities
  • Speed, accuracy and quality
  • Flexibility of delivery

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Reuters Entertainment Video Online provides video coverage of the day’s top entertainment news stories, fully packaged and ready for online or wireless publication. Our online video service serves up news covering the latest movie, music, fashion, television and art industries, with stories also covering the Internet and the gaming world.

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  • Content includes coverage of the movie industry, the world of music, fashion shows, television and art productions, with also an eye on the Web and the gaming industry
  • Delivery of 5-8 stories per day, Monday to Friday
  • Stories are generally between 60 and 120 seconds long
  • Each package includes video, audio with natural sound and English voiceover, thumbnail image, headline, introduction and a full script
  • Videos are formatted allowing for customized voiceovers to accompany the natural sound audio track
  • XML metadata provided for easy integration and cross-linking to other content


  • Global coverage of the week’s top entertainment news stories delivered by experienced Reuters news editors
  • Fully packaged and ready-to-publish online video news delivered throughout the day saves time and resources
  • Full metadata and script five viewers a helpful synopsis
  • Easy and seamless integration into multiple platforms and content management systems
  • Experienced support staff available around-the-clock for assistance


Global, 24 hours a day, 5 days per week (Monday to Friday)


Voiceovers in English with natural sound track. Audio only files are also available


Headline, intro and scripts in English are included in the XML wrapper file


A portfolio of common online formats is available in addition to higher quality Mpeg2 source files. All formats include English voiceover. The Mpeg2 and MP3 formats carry dual audio tracks containing both natural sound and English voiceover, which allows users to discard the English voiceover and record customized audio


A broadband connection is highly recommended for rapid and efficient video file downloads

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