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  • 8 Channels available
  • Available 24/7 in French
  • More than 120 news items per day
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Reuters France Online Report delivers French language news to online publishers, with around-the-clock stories and images across a wide range of news categories. Our experienced, international team of multimedia editors prioritize and update news specifically for French audiences, emphasizing events, issues, markets, companies and personalities of interest across France.

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  • 8 Channels include: Top, World, Business, Domestic, Sports, Entertainment, Oddly Enough and Technology
  • Available globally


  • In-Country Focus
  • Journalistic Excellence
  • Accurate and timely
  • Highly topical and prioritized news


NewsML-G2, IIM, NewsML-1.1


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  • Bo Rosser

    Head of Multimedia, Text and Data Products

  • Haris Agha

    Product Manager – Media Products

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