Reuters Live Online

Online video streaming revolutionized


  • Three live video streams
  • Global coverage
  • Historic and real-time analytics
  • 12-month outlook

Intended for

  • Online Publisher


Reuters Live Online allows you to stream three live events simultaneously to your website—captivating your audience and ensuring you become their primary news source.

Live video gives you and your audience direct access to the people, issues and events that are changing our world. The speed and breadth of our live coverage makes Reuters the ideal partner in an increasingly competitive digital news environment.

Set-up is quick and easy for all types of publishers.

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Stream 3 live events

Stream up to three live events simultaneously on your site, attracting a large and diverse range of viewers.

Plan your editorial calendar

In addition to breaking news, RLO provides a 12 month view of upcoming events to help fill your editorial calendar, filterable by timeframe or topic. If an event of interest isn’t listed, you can use RLO’s chat function to speak directly with one of our specialists about your coverage needs.

Book events early

Build a personalized playlist and book current or future events with a click of a button. Cancelling an upcoming event from your playlist is easy and free of charge.

Leverage audience analytics

Use our robust analytics to make decisions on what future events to show. Enjoy real-time and historical viewer statistics and monitor the size of your audience during an event.

Monitor bandwidth usage

A cumulative progress bar tracks your overall usage, and bandwidth tracking is updated in real-time per event, with final reporting completed in 24 hours.

Uninterrupted live feeds

Ability to display multiple feeds let you feature the streams you want, without interruption. Breaking news events are highlighted on the events and ticker list as they occur, providing you complete control over which events to display.

Access videos from anywhere

Our Media Express digital platform offers quick and easy access to Reuters Live Online, from PC, Mac, tablet and mobile devices. Content is pre-formatted for your convenience and approved for online use, subject to regional restrictions.

Top-notch customer support

Reach us anytime via phone or email. We support all content delivery networks (CDNs) – if you do not have a CDN, we will take care of your delivery needs.

Available as a stand-alone product

Like many Reuters online video products, RLO can be purchased as a stand-alone product, making it quick and easy to get our great content onto your website.
  • Global breaking news
  • Global scheduled events: live entertainment, sports, summits, speeches, news conferences, and more

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