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  • Covering 186 jurisdictions
  • Flexible searching options
  • Streamlined reporting & analysis
  • Expert, personalized support

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  • Trademark Agent
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Instantly access the largest collection of trademark screening intelligence on Earth—anytime, anywhere.

Assess the viability of your brand early in the branding process with a single trusted online source covering 186 jurisdictions around the world. SAEGIS makes it easy for you to quickly determine if a potential trademark can move forward or needs to be removed from consideration. Additionally, SAEGIS can be used to check on the status of a mark, understand current trademark filing trends or see what the competition is doing.

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  • Accessible anywhere, anytime—even from your iPad.
  • Trademark and domain name data
  • Ongoing content evaluation to ensure our data sources are the best in the industry
  • You can choose from eight interface and report languages to best suit your, or your clients’ workflow.
  • Search across 186 global jurisdictions


  • Flexibility to work on your schedule
  • Save time by searching across data to quickly knock out marks or domain names not available
  • Peace of mind knowing as content evolves we will work to incorporate updates and changes so you have the most up-to-date and accurate data
  • provides the flexibility to better meet you and your customer's needs
  • Save time screening marks around the world

Screening your trademark on SAEGIS

Learn how to quickly rule in or out potential brand names for your product or service

  • Mars files suit over Hershey’s use of Malteser similar to Mars Maltesers. You be the judge…thoughts?

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  • The USPTO denies numerous attempts by businesses and individual to trademark “Boston Strong”

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  • Less than a month to go until the INTA annual meeting in Hong Kong. See you there! #tr_inta2014

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