SDC Platinum

Analyzing deal trends, identifying comparable deals, monitoring deal activity and generating league tables


  • Investment banking & deals trends
  • Identifies comparable deals
  • League tables & market share
  • Monitors deal activity

Intended for

  • Investment Banker
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Junior Banker


SDC Platinum™ is the industry standard for information on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills, and more. Backed by our international team of expert analysts, SDC Platinum satisfies your need for a global reach from a local perspective.

As the world's foremost financial transactions database, SDC Platinum is your source for the most thorough and accurate account of the global financial marketplace. SDC Platinum provides users with a robust database for analyzing investment banking and deal trends, identifying comparable deals, monitoring deal activity, and generating industry-leading league tables and market-share analysis



Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage: More than 2.5 million transactions and 8,000 data items, illustrating companies throughout their entire lifespan.

Access the data you need with the industry's most comprehensive and historically extensive information source.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Over 900,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to the present; including 280,000+ US-target and 620,000+ non-US-target transactions.

Featuring individual deal details, comprehensive market analyses, and industry-standard league table rankings for the dealmaking community.

Debt Capital Markets: Over 760,000 bond deals since the 1960s, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues

Relies upon direct deal submissions from global dealmakers coupled with rigorous sourcing of regulatory filings, newswires, and company press releases to gather timely and detailed debt issuance information.

Equity Capital Markets: Over 219,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, and convertible bonds since the 1970s.

Relies upon direct deal submissions from global dealmakers coupled with rigorous sourcing of regulatory filings, newswires, and company press releases to gather timely and detailed equity issuance information.

Syndicated Loans: Over 239,000 global corporate loan transactions since the 1980s.

Hundreds of data elements, including borrower profile (industry, location-headquarters), deal structure, principal amount, currency, maturity, pricing, bookrunners, agents, lenders, pricing, interest and fee information, use of proceeds, guarantors and IFR magazine articles.

Municipals: Over 523,000 US municipal new issues and more than 8,500 Canadian and international public financings since the 1960s.

Hundreds of data elements, including Issuer name, county, state and type classification, Book and co-managers, financial advisors, legal counsels, trustees, paying agents and credit enhancers.

Project Finance: Over 8,700 worldwide projects announced and financed on a limited or non-recourse basis since the 1980s.

Project revenues are secured and predictable through typical long-term Project Finance agreements and the repayment of the debt is solely based on the cash flows generated by the project. In addition to syndicated loans, bilateral loans are also eligible in the database.

Joint Ventures and Repurchases: Over 138,000 worldwide joint ventures and strategic alliances; over 19,000 US repurchase programs since 1985.

Tracks cooperative agreements by two or more separate entities that may result in the formation of a third entity, either as a start-up or through the merger of assets, or acquisition of stakes; as well as agreements involving licensing, manufacturing, research and development, mining & exploration, supply services.

Corporate Governance: Details of nearly 12,000 shareholder rights plan adoptions, amendments and expirations. Detailed histories of nearly 2,500 dissident shareholder campaigns, including public shareholder proposals.

Shareholder Activism allows you to monitor campaigns in the market, recent activity by leading activists and campaigns launched against specific companies. Select from over 60 data points on poison pill plans for screening & analysis and create customized reports in Excel®.

SDC Platinum Demo Module
Getting Started with SDC Platinum

In this learning module, learn more about setting up your search criteria, standard output options within SDC Platinum, working with a saved session, and accessing SDC Customer Support.

You will get access to:

The most comprehensive deals source in the marketplace:

  • League tables derived from the most robust and relevant league table criteria in the industry
  • Highly flexible database and screening tool for creating complex searches, reports and analysis

This includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions transactions
  • Debt Capital Markets: bond deals,
  • Equity Capital Markets transactions 
  • Syndicated Loans transactions
  • Public Financings data
  • Project Finance data
  • Joint Ventures and Repurchases 
  • Corporate Takeover Defense: Takeover defense profiles
  • Shareholder Activism: Detailed histories

Users of an older Version of SDC should update to Version as soon as possible. Doing so ensures that you have access to the latest information and enhancements available in SDC Platinum.


1. Upgrading is easy

  • Login to our site, you can download (user ID and password required) and install new version of SDC platinum. Setup guide contains instructions on how to configure SDC tools.
  • Once the appropriate installation package is downloaded, double click on the icon to start up the installation process. During the installation you will only be prompted to specify the application target directory. SDC Platinum v4.0.3.2 can be installed in parallel with older versions of SDC Platinum.
  • Note: .Net 3.5 frameworks needs to be installed.

2. Download (last updated: November 26, 2014)

Installation Instructions

  • If an anti-virus package is installed on the PC, there will be a paintbox while the file is scanned.
  • When the dialog box appears, choose a directory to download the zip file into. Choose a path that is easy to find and remember (e.g. desktop).
  • When the file download is complete, go to the .zip file and open it. We will come back to this zip file shortly.
  • Find the location of your SDC Platinum application. For most 2.2 versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum v2.2. For most 2.3 and 2.3b versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum. For most 3.0 and 4.0 versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum.
    If the above does not match your Platinum path, find the directory located immediately above (1 level up from) Platinum's bin, dbf, and library directories.
  • In the .zip file, click "Extract". Set the zip files "extract to" path to your Platinum directory. (Example: If Platinum's bin, dbf, and library files reside at "C:\ProgramFiles\SDC\Platinum\bin " (dbf and library respectively), set the zip "Extract to" path to C:\ProgramFiles\SDC\Platinum .
  • Be sure to highlight the "Use Folder Names" and "Overwrite Existing Files" options in the WinZip dialog box. This will ensure that the files unzip to their proper folders, and you will not be prompted to overwrite each file.
  • When the extraction is complete, you should not need to run SDC Tools before logging into SDC Platinum. However, if you ever see a message saying that the system administrator needs to update the picklists, running SDC Tools should fix this.

If any other errors are encountered, please call TFSD Client Support at (888) 989-TFSD(8373) for assistance.

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