Thomson IP Manager, Enterprise Edition

Simply powerful IP Management


  • Streamlined IP processes
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Industry-leading IP rules
  • Data validation services

Intended for

  • Chief IP Counsel
  • Docketing Manager
  • Intellectual Property Director


Thomson IP Manager, an enterprise level intellectual asset management solution from Thomson IP Management Services, gives you the power to enable collaboration between departments, speed decision making and protect those critical assets.


  • Consolidate and share portfolio data in a central collaborative repository
  • Ensure compliance with global legislation through comprehensive rules content and a powerful calculation engine
  • Forecast and manage worldwide payment of annuities, maintenance fees and trademark renewals
  • Verify manual data entry against public records on an ongoing basis with the integrated Data Validation Service
  • Tailor the user interface to your organization's specific needs via the Configuration Engine
  • Drive collaboration across the IP Lifecycle with the Process Architect
  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems to simplify management and reduce cost of ownership


  • Define and enforce your IP processes for improved collaboration across the enterprise
  • Drive new business and revenue streams
  • Get to market more quickly
  • Enhance the quality of your decision making
  • Ensure precise execution of your IP strategy with industry-leading IP rules
  • Verify the accuracy of your IP data on an ongoing basis
  • Easily configure the software to meet your organization's specific needs
  • Track and manage your patents, trademarks, licenses, designs and other IP matters across the IP lifecycle

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