The Municipal Market Monitor (TM3)

The municipal market’s most comprehensive source on the web for critical market information.


  • MMD yield curves
  • Scrolling muni news
  • New issue calendars
  • Real time secondary trading

Intended for

  • Fixed-income Trader


Thomson Municipal Market Monitor (TM3) comprises several key elements: news, primary market information, MMD proprietary yield curves and commentary, MSRB trade reporting tools, MuniView cusip and deal lookup functions, MuniStatements, and the MMD VRDN network, from which the SIFMA index is derived.



Thomson Reuters Municipal News

The most comprehensive news source dedicated to the municipal marketplace,

Primary Markets (worksheets, calendars)

Real-time and historical new-issue calendars, pre-sale worksheets and sales results directly from I-Deal and municipal underwriters.

MMD (Data-Line, Fundamental, Short-Term, State and Sector, MMDInteractive)

MMD is the premier source for tax-exempt data and analysis including the industry benchmark yield curves, analytics and in depth analysis on the municipal and treasury cash and derivatives markets.

Muni Data/Analysis (MuniView search)

Interactive Data's pricing and descriptive information on over 1.5 million securities, the CUSIP9 Search engine, Muniview Deal Search and TM3 Bond Calculator/ Analysis.

Secondary Markets (MMD Trade Tracker/Ticker trade reporting tools)

Real time MSRB data.

VRDN Network and SIFMA Index

MMD’s Variable Rate Demand Note NetworkTM is an electronic database that enables tax-exempt money market funds and their agents to receive rate resets, interest payment factors, and security master details on portfolio holdings.


The most comprehensive collection of municipal documents available anywhere, with over 254,000 documents from 1975 – present including official statements, supplements, escrow documents, and G-36 forms.

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