West km

Integrate your organization's work product with WestlawNext® enhancements and search technology.


  • Repurpose work product
  • Search WestlawNext
  • Share intellectual capital
  • Sharpen your competitiveness

Intended for

  • Legal Professional


West km® is the premiere knowledge management system for the legal profession, helping you unlock the best thinking and experience of your in-house work product and combine it with WestlawNext's world class legal information to provide a distinct competitive advantage.

Choose the West km package that is right for your organization:

West km for Litigation: Expedites research and document preparation
West km for Transactions: Simplifies and accelerates the transactional law process.
West km for Enterprise Search: KM for organizations that handle both litigation and transactional work.
West km Government Express: KM for small and mid-sized government agencies.
West km Express: KM for smaller firms.

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Customized for the legal workflow.

West km is specifically designed to meet the needs of litigation and transactional legal professionals.

Combines WestlawNext with your organization’s expertise.

Enables users to quickly find relevant documents and gain insight and understanding from both internal and external knowledge and expertise.

Facilitates document sharing throughout your organization.

Share documents with new staff and retain intellectual work product as staff members leave or retire.

Enhances your organization’s marketability.

Gain a competitive edge by working with the best experience and information, and show prospective clients how efficiently you work on their behalf.


Chosen continually by legal professionals as the best knowledge management system.


Installed in more legal organizations than all other knowledge management solutions combined.

Case Study

McNair Law Firm, P.A.

See how McNair Law Firm, P.A. taps into its wealth of knowledge with West km

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